Jojo Mayer – Tribute to Buddy Rich

ma anche solo per vedere Jojo in a suit

“Jojo Mayer is best known for his drumming wizardry in contemporary electronic music. His adaptation of complex electronic beats on the acoustic drums, or the «reverse engineering» of digital matter into «re-humanized» musical substance as he calls it, has raised the bar for instrumentalists and music producers the world over, and re-defined the role of live drums in contemporary music. Given Mayer’s futurist, present-moment approach to the art of drumming, little seems to connect him to 20th century jazz drumming icon Buddy Rich. But appearances are deceptive.

Directed by Alexis Amitirigala
Filmed by René Schönenberger, Jonas Furrer, Tom Kubiak & Martin Schäppi
Sound by Torsten Goddon
Edited by Daniel Stössel & Andrea Löhrer”


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