ho ritrovato per caso un blog che seguivo molti anni fa e di cui avevo dimenticato tutto. una collega batterista di chicago dalla penna fluida e divertente. il blog è chickdrummer.wordpress.com non è più aggiornato da molto tempo ma ci sono cose che vale la pena rileggere

“I learned that I can be happy on the road if I just be on the road instead of wishing I was back home. I learned that great shows start with greetings from happy dogs. I learned that we look great in the light of dusk at an outdoor show. And I learned that you can get really great thai curry at the Corner Store on Williamson Street in Madison. I’m a forty-one year-old woman who just did her very first road gig, and I learned that getting my ass out of the house to do something completely new and foreign is way more educational than sitting on the couch with a box of donuts.”


“I’m an unlikely musician. I’m a homebody, a book-lover, a cookbook collecter, and a writer. I like quiet, silence, and cats that pad softly around the apartment looking for places to lie in the sun. I’m a person who feels the richness of an empty afternoon. I’m that kind of person, and I’m going to sit in a van for six hours with two guys, and wait a couple more hours before soundcheck, so that I can do a 45 minute set. So, at moments like these I have to ask myself one question: what am I going for?

I’m going because there’s a feeling you can only get on stage, that is not reproducable anywhere else: not in a bar as a customer, not in a classroom as a teacher, not as a buddhist sitting in temple. There really is nothing like the feeling of setting up your gear on a stage whether it’s the corner of a neighborhood saloon or a space along a cafe wall. There really is nothing like the experience of communicating with others without words, of catching the ear of someone who wasn’t planning on listening.”

Home is Where Your Rock Band Is


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